Incredible Lebanon

Lebanon is the country of the cedar. Up to 3000 years old, these majestic trees grow on higher altitudes. Already the romans loved the quality of its timber which was bad news for the cedar. It was cut down over the centuries und many of Lebanons peaks, which were covered by cedar forests are now bare. Recent efforts to protect the cedar are showing first results. In the Shouf mountains, Tannourine and Bcharree, new cedars start growing and forests are starting to recover from the onslaught of loggers.

Beirut is a bustling metropolis with all the phenomenons that go with the urban sprawl. It boasts incredible nightlife, modern downtown shopping, fantastic restaurants, traffic jams and incredible pollution. Above all, Lebanese love to eat, party and have a great time.

Lebanon boasts fantastic scenery and is steeped in history. The port of Byblos or Jbeil, as it is known in arabic, competes to be the place on earth with the longest uninterrupted occupation by mankind. Baalbek is second to none as relicts of roman settlement are concerned

Some 100 kms south of Beirut is Saida, known for its colourful souk and the fort protection the port.

One of the most stunning sites in Lebanon is the Gouffree de Balaa waterfall, situated near Tannourine at 34° 10′ 24″ nord, 35° 52′ 13″ est


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