Review 2019

Marseille has now been our home for over 4 years and we love it. With its history of over 2000 years, Marseille is a melting pot with a rich heritage from a just about all over the place. Noisy, colourful and with rough edges. The French Connection is alive and well. Never boring, annoying sometimes and delightful just a second later. I am relieved and delighted that my ministry has finally given me security of tenure in Marseille right up to my retirement in june, 2021. I would have normally been up for a transfer in 2020 which would not have made any sense at all to go somewhere else, start a new position and find my bearings there for just one year. So releave is the feeling!

Marseille is blessed with wonderful surroundings and a very pleasant mediterranean climate making for beautiful light asking to be captured with a camera. Just 10 k’s out of town is the Parc National des Calanques, a gem with tremedous scenery. Hiking or going for a spin on a mountain bike and taking pictures would have to be one of our favourite pass-times.

In may we spent a lovely month in Brittany, which was still a white spot on our French map. We were lucky enough to be given our friend’s holiday house in Porspoder, which is at the very western tip of Brittany. The rather rough climate, which is probably comparable to that of Ireland make for a unique scenery. So our cameras got a good work-out again. We also found the locals easy to talk to and quite different to the sometimes hot-blooded southerners.

In June, we spent a long week-end in Catania to catch up with old Aussi friends Simon and Janice (old meaning that we have known them for a long time…). We had a wonderful time together to explore Catania and to have a look at the old Etna, which was showing signs of life but fortunately only mild ones. The tour to get Catania to know by its street food was legendary, thanks a million Simon and Janice!

Juli is the month to visit the lavender fields of Provence just an hour’s drive from Marseille. As that must be on the bucket list of Chinese people in particular. As millions of Chinese can’t be wrong, it is always a feast for the senses.

In October, we had our daughter Louise stay with us. How sweet was that! We had a wonderful time together and although we only had just under a week together, we managed to do quite a few things. Mountainbikiking in the Calanque, hiking at Mont Saint Victoire, Saint Tropez, Cannes and Monaco. This is what you do when you are a victim of the tyranny of distance…

We will spend Christmas with Sabine’s parents in Bremerhaven and come back to Marseille for the new Year.

So whishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year bringing you joy, health and happiness!

And now to the very best: Some of Sabine’s fotos at:

So with that, lots of love and cheers from

Wolfgang and Sabine

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